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Local Club Programs

Local Club Programs


Our Local Club Programs are run by parent volunteers.  Participants fund the club, through club dues or enrollment fees for each session.


JERSEYSTEM provides the following:


  • Club creation assistance:  We provide “how-to” information on what needs to be done to form an engaging STEM club, as well as guidance in sourcing local community-based volunteers and connections to organizations that supply cost-effective materials and resources


  • Curriculum materials


  • Competition how-to’s:  We provide guidance on getting ready for the various STEM and engineering competitions.  Several of these clubs have placed in these competitions, including 2020 Future City Competition.


  • Online chat room: This is the place where clubs can support each other, share lessons learned, etc.


We ask for a minimal donation for these services. (i.e. $100/year per club).


Our Local Club Programs have served as an “innovation incubator” for our outreach programs.   

For more information on these programs, contact us at

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