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Become a Sponsor

Become a Corporate Sponsor

JERSEYSTEM Executive Summary

Partner with JERSEYSTEM as a corporate sponsor and benefit through:

  • support of your company’s CSR initiatives,

  • promotion of your company's brand,

  • expansion of your company's talent pipeline.

JERSEYSTEM Corporate partnership opportunities include:

  • Funding programs:

providing funding for one 20-hour class of 25 kids.

providing funding for one club or three classes.

providing funding for five clubs or 15 classes.

  • Supporting industry mentors: Your employee mentors college coaches/volunteers through resume tips and guidance, mock interviews, being a role model, and networking.

  • Providing speakers for JERSEYSTEM middle school students: Your employee speaks to a group of middle school girls about a STEM topic of interest.

  • Providing speakers for JERSEYSTEM college coaches: Your employee speaks to a group of college coaches/volunteers about a STEM topic of interest.

  • Hosting company visits for JERSEYSTEM groups: Your company sponsors a visit by middle school students to your campus location.

  • Sponsoring internship scholarships for JERSEYSTEM coaches/volunteers: Your company funds a scholarship and/or internship for JERSEYSTEM coaches/volunteers.


And many other opportunities tailored to meet your corporation's needs.

For more information on these programs, contact us at

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